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Lost valuable data; photos, letters, bank details?

Data loss can be anything from a nuisance to a disaster.

Your family photos are impossible to replace, your correspondence likewise but the security of your bank details, business plans and accounts is all important.

If data is deleted from your system, it is very often recoverable. Even a damaged hard disc drive can be persuaded to yield up its contents so don’t panic, turn off your computer and call us.

Internet/network trouble?

We all become dependent on the Internet and there’s nothing more frustrating than suddenly finding it’s no longer there! It may be because of your phone line, your modem/router or the network that connects these things to your computer.

We have been looking after people’s internet access since the days when dial-up modems were baffling the telecom boys. Whatever system you’re on, we can help you get the best from it.

Need help or a training course?

We can offer one-to-one or group sessions for selected subjects. Make contact for an explanation of how we can help you, your family and friends derive most from their computers.

And if you run a business, our training and document management services may be of interest. For more on this, see our parent site at www.rayhennig.com.

Vista on go-slow?

How many people have been shocked to find that their brand new Vista PC is little, if any faster than their old one? Don’t despair, you’re not alone and happily something can be done.

As always, adding more memory boosts performance but Vista can usually be streamlined and we have a number of clients who enjoy a spirited performance now that we’ve ‘tweaked’ the installation.

Do note that this in no way means that the hardware has been touched or ‘over-clocked’. We regard over-clocking as being the preserve of the ‘rash young geek’ and that it has no part in our aims for reliable computing.

Got a virus or other infection?

Viruses and other ‘mal-ware’ are not always obvious. Some are insidious and truly threatening. Others are more easily spotted and often cause your day-to-day computing and, particularly, your internet surfing to be slow, frustrating and potentially dangerous.

We have our own set of preferred tools and have confidence in their ability both to detect and remove most threats. We also have experience in removing stubborn infections that defeat many anti-virus programs.

It’s also worth stressing that many of the best protection programmes are, in fact, free so you don’t necessarily need to pay.

Also, we can help if some rogue programme has reset some of your passwords.

Need high-strength data security for sensitive files?

Does your computer contain data that you really wish to keep private? Are you aware that most ‘hackers’ are capable of retrieving much password-protected data from a standard PC configuration?

Happily, there are ways in which your data can be secured. For example, the hard disc and your operating system will only become active and accessible after you have entered a password known only to you. We can install programmes, many of which are free, that enable you to store and share data that will only be accessible to trusted colleagues.

In short, we can help you secure your data completely.

How about a website to promote your business?

Whether you wish to promote your business online or not, the existence of a website is a low-cost tool for getting your message across to your clients. A website enables you to ‘set out your stall’ to a practically limitless number of potential clients.

We can also provide focused websites that are structured to be found by users of internet search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.) who seek the sort of content your site carries.

And a website can prove to be a cost-effective means of selling major assets like houses, land and cars. Again, a focused approach can help get your message to those that matter.

And remember, it is almost 100% certain that your internet service provider has offered you web space as part of your contract. This means that you already have a URL (your web address – mine is www.rayhennig.com and I pay for that but I also get http://pagesperso-orange.fr/rayhennig/, free of additional charge under the terms of my service contract with Orange. So, your website is nearly there, all you need is the content!

We work regularly in Dutch, English, French and German.

Why not automate the accounts?

Low-cost computer programmes now exist to help businesses store and manage their accounts data. It is a requirement of the law to maintain data of this sort and a well-chosen computerised accounts system can help you perform better in those administrative areas that so frequently get ‘put off until tomorrow’. The good programs comply with the provisions of French law and serve as a useful ‘checklist’ of tasks you should perform. Computerisation is not a substitute for good day-to-day management but it is a most useful addition.

Your client lists, estimates, invoices, stock levels can all be stored on the computer and, with a simple procedure, can be backed up on to external storage when you leave the building.

Using the computer enables you quickly to record details of your clients and their requirements and provides you with easily accessible records that help you serve your clients better. I know, I’ve done it!


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