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Computer problems?

bullet Lost valuable data; photos, letters, bank details?
bullet Internet/network trouble?
bullet Need help or a training course?
bullet Vista on go-slow?
bullet Got a virus or other infection?
bullet Need high-strength data security for sensitive files?
bullet Want all your PCs on line, sharing your internet connection?
bullet How about some web pages in Dutch, English, French, German?
bullet Why not automate the accounts and save time and effort?

We have nearly 3 decades' experience in computing, both large and small scale.

Whether there’s a problem with the computer, the programs or you just need help with something specific, you’ve just found the answer!

For more detail and useful hints and tips, see these bulletins:

How we can help How we can help
10-Steps A 10-step Survival Guide
Reliability, Safety & Security Reliability, Safety & Security
Reliability, Safety & Security Thinking about a New Computer?
Reliability, Safety & Security Tips & Tricks 1

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